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Artificial Wallgrass Hedges Photo backdrops

Artificial Wallgrass Hedges Photo backdrops

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Where would it makes sense to use the BORA insta-Green Products?

1. In a places in or around the home where you cannot create a bedding to grow actual plants e.g behind a bed as a green wall decoration or next to a drive or walk way. 

2. Where the conditions are not favourable for the specific plants that you want to plant to grow.

3. In a rental unit for instance where you would like to have greenery but are up on a high flooring levels where watering plants and caring for them could prove difficult and not always possible.

4. Privacy screening for neighbours around patio balustrades. 

5. Instantly Providing coverage of unsightly walls, fences or pipes. 

6. As non-permanent photo wall pieces, Just imagine how pretty a green wall will look for functions and special events???

What are the some of the benefits and characterstics of these instant green products ?

The UV stabilisation of the products make them it suitable for both indoor and outdoor application and use. The green walls, topiaries and hedges are quick and easy to install. ( both my wall and hedges took around 5 hours to install)

The bora-green products are an affordable solution. 

This is an instant decorative range that can enhance a dull space in way less time then waiting for example a real green wall to grow.

The maintenance aspect of the products are very low, no need to water as the are drought proof and no associated damp-proofing required. They always stay green and in shape. 

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