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Fabrics Vertical Blinds Curtain Window Covering

Fabrics Vertical Blinds Curtain Window Covering

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Descriptions :

For those who like the look of a drapery but seek a more versatile and affordable alternative, BORA Fabrics Vertical Blinds are a sensible choice. These fabrics verticals give you the soft look of drapes but harsh sun, filter light and add warmth to your home and can even serve as a partition to divide space between rooms. And now that they're available in warm, earthy colors with textural appeal, they can be used on most window types with dramatic effect.

BORA Fabric Vertical Blinds are as durable as they are stylish. They are comprised of a deluxe track with a self aligning, heavy-duty aluminium channel, which ensures equal spacing and synchronized slat movement. 

Installation Time per window: 20-25minutes 

We recommend: 

An option white PVC backings offers increased insulation and privacy and provides a uniform appearance from the street. 

A white wand cord is an alternative to the chain-and-cord control. This option offers simplicity and less possibility of entanglement. 


Vinyl verticals may be specified to stack at either end of the window, or split down the middle when open. Please consider your view before specifying.

Child Safety information: 

This product can be made for safe for places where children and pets may be presents, with the  selections of the wand upgrade. All other versions of this products have cords that may be accessible, and are not recommended for windows where children's or pets may be present. 

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